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I grew up in the moving business. My mother owned a series of bazaars, antique furniture and appliance shops back home in Allentown Pennsylvania. And my dad was a traveling evangelist who transported tents, chairs, panel flooring's, instruments, large out-door speakers and much more all over the country  for religious crusades.  I worked for my mom and dad on and off from age 7 till age 32, simultaneously working and perusing a career in the culinary and service industry. Eventually I became a successful professional chef and caterer. My wife Lissy and I worked in the hospitality business for such great companies as Disney, Wyndham Resorts, Hyatt Hotels and Marriott Properties.

Lissy and I move or were re-located 17 times in 29 years. Moving is never easy and as a working couple we've moved for many reasons. Work promotions, bigger and better opportunities, larger house, cooperate re-shifting, we've been through it all. Moving Upward and Forward was never an easy task for us: and we had our share of bad experiences along the way. That's why two and a half years ago we decided to combine all of my passed experiences in the hospitality, furniture moving-handling and service industry, we took all of that knowledge and insight and decided to start and operated our very own Moving Day Assistance business. We Named it Mudanza Moving and Cleaning. Our VISION is to cater to people like we use to do in the Hotel-Catering-Hospitality  business, only now we cater to your moving day needs. Our GOAL is to provide you with a great moving day experience that will add good memories to your life and true value to your reason for calling us" versus calling your traditional  best quote mover.  Our CALLING is to serve our community  with respect, consideration and honesty.

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